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Start making money from home! Looking for supplemental income? Or maybe you’re trying to break into the adult industry? People constantly ask me how they can get involved. I wish I had one simple answer to give everyone. Working for yourself has its benefits but it’s not easy and a tons of hard work is involved. Luckily, the adult entertainment industry has so many options of jobs to choose from. Some of these options below are just a few. Camming is always a great option to start with if you like schedules. Sext Panther is also a favorite of mine as the start up is easy and all you need is your phone. Whatever you decide, there’s something for everyone.

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Sext Panther | Phone Sex Operator

Monetize communication with fans all around the world via calls, texts, and pictures right from your mobile phone. All you need is your cell phone to start making money with Sext Panther. Set your own pricing to text, take phone calls or both all from your phone. Each time a client texts, opens a picture or video message you get paid. It’s just that simple. You will just need a social media presence to get approved.

I love Sext Panther because I can make anywhere from $100-$1000 monthly. I even have a few steady clients that I text with on a regular basis using the Sext Panther app. I can use the platform from my cell phone or laptop. Lastly, Get paid twice a month! What are you waiting for? Get paid to sext now with Sext Panther!

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Chaturbate | Live Streaming Sex Chat

Open up an account, start camming and build your fan base with Chaturbate! Chaturbate is a great place to start if you’re looking to become a sex worker. You can cam with many different companies, but Chaturbate’s user interface makes it far easier, in our opinion, to completely work from home and set your own hours. Check out all the potential websites you can use and see which one works best for you. Chaturbate seems to be a front runner in camming and has so many different options for making money.

You can be a solo performer or even work as a couple or a group. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is the best option if you’re a guy. Most of your clientele will be men, but as long as you’re comfortable with your sexuality, then who cares!? Camming with Chaturbate takes a lot of time and dedication, but as long as you stick with it and don’t get discouraged you can build your fan base and really take it somewhere. Get creative with your camming and see what other models are doing as well to get ideas. All you need is a computer and a webcam.

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However, you can always enjoy chatting it up with some super sexy Cam Models too.

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Open A Studio

Starting a studio is really where you can quickly break into the sex industry. So what is a studio? Basically, this is a server platform to load and sell mainly videos. If you have a fetish of your own, starting a studio is a great option. You don’t need a big budget to get started. Camera, lighting, computer and editing software is all you will need. Some models/producers even use their phones to film. If you’re wanting to get into porn shooting it yourself is the way to go. If you can’t pay models to shoot with you, then shoot yourself solo. Check out the websites below and see all the different clip categories you can shoot/upload videos for.

My best advice is to film what you’re into or what you have. Upload daily or weekly for the best traffic results to your store. Most sites also have webcamming and other streams of revenue for you to get involved in as well. My top three sites to sign up for are Clips4Sale, ManyVids and iwantclips. There are a ton more but these receive the most traffic. See which one will work best for what you will be selling, or sign up for all three! Remember, no matter which avenue you choose to start with they all will need dedication.

Get social media platforms set up to promote yourself and update constantly. It will be easy to get disgruntled in the beginning but once you get the ball rolling and stay on a strict schedule, you’ll see the pay off in the long run. Almost all of these options also have referral and affiliate programs to also help you make more money.

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Clips4Sale | Fetish Clips, Photos, & Videos

Clips4Sale is the best to sign up with if you plan to film fetish content. My fetish content sells the most on this site. Clips4Sale consistently traffics fetish fans all over the world to my studio site. They also have a separate studio store site just for picture photo sets and will set up your own members site as well.

Although it isn’t as user friendly as the other two sites, Clips4Sale is a must have for fetish studios. They have a great producer help team that will answer any questions you have and constantly have web seminars for studios to make suggestions and help build their fan base. Having a studio store with Clips4Sale will allow you to trade content with other producers if you cannot afford to pay models to be in your videos.

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ManyVids | Your Personal Porn Profile

ManyVids is a great one stop shop. Sell variety of membership packages to fans, distribute your photos and videos and cam all in the same place. Manyvids is a great place for porn and fetish content and is great if you’re already an established cam model. My adult pornographic films seem to sell better on this particular platform. Manyvids also spotlights their models and offers an array of promotional tools to reach fans and potential clients.

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iWantClips | The Female Dominant

If you’re into femdom, humiliation or goddess worship, iwantclips is the best place to start. Clips based around female supremacy, submissive males and brat princesses sell really well on iwantclips. If you’re a bossy bitch, this is your platform. iwantclips makes it very easy to upload videos and also offers a referral program. Earn 80% commission on tributes/tips and 100% on custom orders.

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Become a Stripper

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