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Strippers and exotic dancing have always come easy to a Jezebel or cock tease. Money is easily thrown at strippers in a strip club. In our society, a philanderer is a player. No big deal. But, see a minx with a man and she receives criticism by men AND women. A cock tease and adult entertainment as a whole get a bad rap but why? For some reason we love to hate a sex worker, yet we idolize them in secret.

But, where did the tease come from? Adult entertainment dated all the way back to the stone ages. Strippers doing exotic dancing started somewhere and so did the striptease. You hear about the siren in texts like “The Odyssey” and “The Bible.” Men have been throwing money at tart teasers all over the world for centuries, but where did this form of erotic dancing start?

Evolution of monkeys to pole dancing strippers

Who Wants A Striptease From A Monkey?

The Striptease Begins | Adult Entertainment

Firstly, forms of strippers and adult entertainment can be traced to Paleolithic cave paintings in south France. The paintings date back more than 20,000 years ago. In addition, archaeologists uncovered miniature statuettes of exotic dancing people. These vixen statuettes found near the Black Sea regions of Bulgaria and Romania that date to the Neolithic Era. During this time, exotic dancing originally was designed to sexually stimulate the mind and soul. So, a hot cock tease did exist within holy realm!

Similarly, Early forms of strippers and the striptease were seen as an ancient ritual. Primarily, strippers used the dance to gain favor of the goddesses of fertility and motherhood in hopes of reproduction, an interesting use of adult entertainment. In addition, strippers and seducing was said to help increase the fertility of crops.

Following, more dancing for rituals and Gods continued. Adult entertainment workers, draped in animal fur, performed slow exotic dancing. A seducer would pose erotically as the animal fur slowly exposed the naked gyrating body. During the height of the Greek and Roman Empires, erotic strip teases were performed by priestesses.

Artwork suggests striptease nude dancing took place in sacred temples in the empire. First, they would strip off articles of clothing all the way to complete nudity. Erotic dancing men and women were chosen for their looks and vitality for adult entertainment. They were your modern day heart-breakers. Seducing movements were performed in honor of the Moon, the hunt, and the god of wine.

Strippers Make It Rain

In the 14th century, erotic dancing and strippers in the Middle East was in the form of belly dancing. Unlike the striptease, not a thread of clothing was removed. Imagine that! Originally, belly dance was use to stimulate sexual nature. It became customary for spectators to toss coins and valuables at the belly dancers. It should be noted, this is the first time a seductress is paid for their strip show. Erotic dancing was also common in the temples in India. Similarly to the Greek and Roman Empire, adult performances were seen as sacred rituals.

In the 18th century adult entertainment, sensuality, and eroticism reigned all over Europe. Ladies of the court were paid to flirt and seduce gentlemen during large celebrations or banquets. During this time, strippers (female courtesans) popularized the hand fan. Fans were placed over the strippers faces only showing their seductive eyes. In addition, fans became a sensual prop for adult entertainment with the cock tease. Titillating dance moves combined to give a mysterious and exotic look.

Nude Art Erotic dancing was a tease art form strippers

Old School Striptease

Burlesque Dancers Exploded

Erotic dancing exploded in Britain in the late 1800’s with the rise of British burlesque houses. Originally, burlesque performances and dance shows became a complete act. This was a combination of music, singing, humor, dance and sexual parody. A cock tease would strip nude only during the adult show section. Shortly after, the burlesque industry quickly discovers the sex appeal was the selling point for patrons.

Naturally, as time goes on burlesque shows focus mainly on erotic dancing. Obviously, raunchy routines during their adult entertainment brought larger crowds. Sex sells! Over time, teasing burlesque dancers became more uninhibited and risque, on the path to current strippers.

Churches and religious groups preached against adult entertainment. Nevertheless, bad publicity seemed to only help the shows. Rumors only sheltered more curiosity than before with the cock tease.

A Good Cock Tease

Above all, we mostly believe modern strippers first appeared in the late 1800’s. A new form of erotic dancing formed called, ‘the striptease’ or ‘cock tease.’ It was a softer and more sensual way to strip nude. As the name suggests, the striptease implies a minx would slowly undress themselves. The seductress would continue, stripping layer by layer. Also, she would cock tease and flirt in a sexual manner. In the end a good cock tease would expose herself all the way down to pasties, a G-string or full nudity.

Typically, men would hoot and holler as each piece of the exotic dancer’s clothing slowly hit the floor during a cock tease show. Importantly, this lead the men to spend more of their coin just to see a little bit more. A natural cock tease dancer who could strip nude was making money off a man’s weakness. The art of seduction begins! It pays to be a vixen.

Eventually, the 1800’s and early 1900’s, striptease influenced other forms of erotic dancing. One very sexual belly dance known as the “Hoochie Coochie” was introduced in Philadelphia. Shortly after, “The French Cancan” appeared in a cabaret in Paris. Flocks of men would feast their eyes on this type of exotic dancing. The adult show would consist of dancers lifting up a leg to reveal their thighs, puffy slips, and panties. Moreover, this form of dirty dance became similar to a Vegas showgirl.

Adult French Cancan Adult Fun

The Professional Cock Tease

Adult Entertainment & Exotic Dancing At The Circus

In the 1920s, your grandfather might have made witness to the twist of the striptease. Unlike any other seducer show, this adult performance came with the inclusion of pole dancing & exotic dancing.  Pole dancing originated at the height of The Great Depression. At these difficult times, fairs traveled from town to town. They would host adult entertainment with many different types of strange side shows usually held in tents.

In one of these side tents, a sexy vixen would striptease on a small stage in front of cheering men as a cock tease. Following, the show strippers incorporated the “tent pole” in their striptease and cock tease routine. This is the first appearance of a stripper’s pole. The adult show would entail teasers climbing to the top of the tent pole. Next, they would grab the pole and swirl around it. In addition, all while grinding and gyrating against the pole. Later, the tent pole became known as the “dance pole.”

Adult Entertainment in the circus

Exotic Dancing Done Right

Cock Tease In A Bar

Classy Exotic Dancing

Strip Club Dancers & Exotic Dancing

Mid 1950’s, pole dancing graduated from small circus tents to clubs catering to adult fun. Strippers began to incorporate sexy, elaborate and very intriguing costumes as well. Sequins, feathers and bling became part of the showmanship. Eventually, pole dance starts the standard in most adult entertainment establishments.

Stripping slowly seeped into our everyday society. Exotic dancing became present in all major U.S. cities and big within the sex industry. Ultimately, strip shows and erotic dance became a staple. Strip clubs were frequently raided. Most shut down for clashing with local ordinances and decency laws.

This was very similar to what occurred with alcohol during Prohibition. Even so, the U.S. Government and religious institutions couldn’t stop their popularity with American men. A hussy had a man at her fingertips if she knew how to cock tease.

However, news channels and churches all over had no chance of where men chose to spend their adult recreation time. Men enjoy nude dancers and a good cock tease.  They still do. As a result, the U.S. put in unique new zoning laws and restrictions. Following, strippers could interact with their customers in order to assist in regulating the strip club industry as a whole.

Pole Dance For All

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the United States saw a rise in strip club establishments. As a result of the hippie era, society started a sexual revolution. Love, drugs and sex became normal within the younger population. Finally, people were becoming more accepting of nudity and sex. Ultimately, adult entertainment and strippers would survive despite public protest, strict city regulations and public scrutiny.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, nearly all strip clubs incorporated stripper poles on stage. Eventually, gentlemen’s club owners realized the money made with pole dancing with the cock tease. A talented prick-teaser became a commodity for a strip club. Therefore, artistic pole dance tricks are popular among strippers.

Undress or Disrobe while pole dancing. Vixen is Actress Lindsay Lohan


The lap dance originated in Montreal Canada in the early 1990’s. As the name suggests, this form of tease contains actual contact with the customer. Eventually, the lap dance became officially legal in the U.S. sometime in 1999.

Following, pole dancing techniques was deemed a legitimate form of exercise, not just for adult entertainment. Stripping and exotic dancing for the every day women became a form of fitness. Today, we call this pole fitness. Pole studios and lap dance classes can be found anywhere. As a result, non sex workers could learn how to put on an adult show. You didn’t have to be labeled a total cock tease, do exotic dancing, or work in the adult entertainment industry.

Soon after, a National Pole Dancing Championship was created. Since then, pole has made attempts to enter into the Olympics as a nationally recognized sport. Unfortunately, it hasn’t had much luck.

Expose Yourself As A Seductress | Exotic Dancing

Nowadays, in most strip clubs the adult entertainment workers wear string bikinis, tiny stripper outfits or G-strings. It usually doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Most striptease shows only happen in VIP. Similarly, some establishments won’t allow strippers to fully undress or perform a lap dance out on the floor. As a result, strip clubs in America consist more of pole dancing and twerking for adult entertainment. Good ole ass and titties.

Strip clubs are still extremely popular but with the internet, stripper delivery services is the future. Because strip clubs are money pits and raunchy, private party entertainers is the preferred choice. Who wouldn’t want a private seductress to disrobe in the privacy of your own home? From ancient ritual to modern-day adult entertainment, stripping have certainly come a long way!

Atlanta Heart Breaker Striptease

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