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Jasmin Jai’s Used & Worn Panties for Sell Online

Looking to get a good strong scent of Jasmin Jai but just can’t get up the money or enough close friends to pitch in and throw an adult party as an excuse to book her at MC Entertainment & Services? Well, for a limited time you can order a special pair of her used, worn & dirty panties freshly taken off her body and air sealed for your satisfaction! You can specify exactly how you would like for the painties to cum…. You may order the sexy fetish model, porn star & exotic dancer’s sexy underwear only a day worn, two days worn or even three days worn if you like. Or order them during her menstrual cycle, right after a serious strenuous workout, sweaty after stripping for a guys’ night out party or even immediately following sexual intercourse with a lover if your heart desires. Some even choose to order the panties soiled with Jasmin Jai’s semen, urine, poop stains or with  some of her pheromone mensie blood spots during her lighter menstrual days. Each pair of painties purchased come with a custom made video of her preparing them for you exactly how you like them, removing them from her sexy body and packaging them up for your delivery. Receive half price if you buy a pair off of her at a standard stripper party, strip show or stripper event you book her on with 5 or more guys present and participating (video not included). Hurry because this deal won’t last very long!

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Cotton, Polyester

Regular Panties

Cotton, Polyester

Granny Panties

Cotton, Polyester

Stripper Panties

Cotton, Polyester


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