Welcome To My Public Nudity

Nude models outdoors being exhibitionist and showing off their sexy bodies. If you recognize any of these public nudity shots in these photos we asked that you keep it to yourself and not mention or report it to anyone. We like to protect our nude models in Atlanta showing off what their mammas gave them. These gorgeous and talented Atlanta nude models are in high demand and require at least 2 to 4 weeks in advance (sometimes) in order to book them. Public nudity in Atlanta is extremely dangerous and we do not recommend trying to take these risky photo shots or videos shots yourselves. We do accept public nudity custom requests but additional rates may apply as to compensate for the added risk involved. Most Atlanta nude models that get caught shooting nude typically get a warning as long as no families or children were nearby. Nude models and photographers are extremely careful in making sure this does not happen because the point is to get an amazing shot. Definitely not with intent to disrupt the neighborhood, frighten tourist, or to cause unhappy parents and confused children in our process of capturing memorizing photos, videos and ultimately art. To inquire about a sexy nude photo shoot in Atlanta with one of our Atlanta nude models then send an email in with exactly what you are looking for to info@jjcustommoments.com or slide into Jasmin Jai’s DM’s on Instagram @JJCustomMoments

Atlanta Goddess
Nude Model in Atlanta Park
Outdoor Public Nude Photo Shoot with Female Exhibitionist in Atlanta
Atlanta Nude Artists & Model "Jasmin Jai"

Sexy Women Photos

Who doesn’t like sexy women photos? It is a true work of art seeing a woman confident in her body and showing off her sex appeal. Nowadays the internet is flooded with photos of sexy women from all around the world! These sexy photos of women come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some find themselves lost in a loop of sexy bodies when scrolling through their Instagram feed or any other social media trending this day and age. To see a naked women’s body as anything other than art is an injustice and should be frowned upon. We all come into this world naked and it isn’t until somebody tells us something is wrong or cover that up before realize shame for our nudity for the very first time. Embrace your body like never before and do not care who judges you or redicules you for your materpiece. Be beautiful and let’s keep the sexy women photos alive!

Fetish Modeling

Most of the modeling fetish models do is mostly fetish niched. Meaning the content they are primarily creating is not the mainstream fetishes or fetish porn most would expect or anticipate seeing online most places. These niche fetishes could be anything from nude bondage, shibari, sneezing fetish all the way to feet fetish modeling, trampling and pantyhose modeling. What most individuals fail to understand about fetishes is that they do not have to be sexual in nature what so ever and most are actually not to believe it or not. These non-sexual fetishes can turn sexual but it is not the object of the goal for these fetishists.

Beautiful Models

To find a beautiful model is one thing but to find a beautiful model with everything else is hard to come by. We bring ourselves in finding beautiful models in Atlanta with that “It” factor and with a personality that enhances the beauty and doesn’t take away from. If you know of a beautiful model in Atlanta with more than just a pretty face then send her our way! We pay $50 all the way up to $200 for Atlanta nude model referrals. To learn more about this contact us anytime via email at info@jjcustommoments. If you are looking to become an Atlanta beautiful model then do not hesitate to reach out to us because positions are filling up fast!


Interested in alternative lifestlyes in Atlanta and not sure where to go? Many who try to get into the adult scene in Atlanta try many various ways including but not limited to: swinger clubs, swinger parties, polyamorous munches, dungeon parties, cosplay events & more.

Exotic and Erotic

Not everyone is a fan of hot erotic and exotic experiences but you reading this I am most certain I am speaking to a real fan. With that being said most think these two word are of the same meaning but that is far from the truth. One refers to sexual desire when the other refers to plants primarily. So what happens when exotic dancers no longer are something that is very different or strange and becomes something normal and widely accepted?


  1. relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement. ig-zot-ik 1 : very different, strange, or unusual. 2 : introduced from another country : not native exotic plants.