#1 Looner Girl Playful Big Balloons

Brunette Jasmin Jai plays with huge multi colored balloons in her bedroom

Lover of balloons, beach balls or inflatables? You will love our balloon and inflatables videos here at JJ Custom Moments! We have a wide array of custom looner balloons and inflatable beach ball videos on our clip stores online. Both standard 12″ and bigger! Not to mention we are always getting new and unique niche submitted request for large inflatables, pool toy inflatables of all shapes and sizes on a regular basis! Looners & balloons are something we love to play and create with. Helium, latex, mylar, soaps, which are your favorite?

Create your very own looners fetish video by emailing us your balloon or looner script to jjcustommoments@gmail.com. Make sure to follow, subscribe & stay tuned for new content being uploaded all of the time. You can find All My Links or follow me on IG @JJCustomMoments

Balloons Are Not Just For Decorations

Balloons decorate a birthday party or event. Inflatable beach balls really set a scene for a pool party. Find yourself wanting to interact with these inflatables in a more intimate way? You might be a Looner, a lover of balloons. Do you enjoy popping balloons? Or do you enjoy watching balloons playfully inflight instead?

What is a balloon fetish? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a balloon fetish is a sexual fetish that involves balloons.[1][2][3][4] A balloon fetishist is also referred to as a “looner“.[5] Some balloon fetishists “revel in the popping of balloons and [others] may become anxious and tearful at the very thought of popping balloons”.[6] Others enjoy blowing up balloons or sitting and lying on them.[7]

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Inflatables model stands in front of a Christmas tree with festive Christmas colored huge balloons
Princess Jasmin jai sit on her purple jelly bean balloon which is big enough to sit on thike a chair

Become a looner girl and balloon model by starting your own clipstore. Check out my page on sex work and starting your own studio starring YOU. All you need is a good camera phone, decent lighting and of course Balloons! Check out the hottest looner girl, balloons and inflatable beach ball clips produced by JJ Custom Moments. C4S Studio # 158785 is where you can find clips starring your favorite balloon popping and inflatable blow fetish Goddess, Jasmin Jai. Videos are updated on a constant basis as Jasmin loves her plastic toys and plays with balloons often. Custom videos are also always available for purchase.  Email your custom scene scenario and the time length for a basic quote to JJCustomMoments@Gmail.com   Pre-made looner films at JJ Balloon Inflatables

Sit 2 Pop

Watch the sexiest looner model in the world sit & pop like no other! This hot balloon enthusiast “Jasmin Jai” blows up dozens of big balloons and inflatables all just to sit & pop. She loves to destroys all of the large balloons on fetish sets. This Atlanta fetish model absolutely loves latex and rubber. She’s always timid in the beginning, in fear of an unexpected pop. It’s always important to wear pants if possible to not receive a lashing. Balloons have a bite like no one’s business!

Jasmin Jai is a professional and delivers film requirements everytime. Her huge butt is the best as she is a dancer and twerker. A sit 2 pop is exactly what it sounds like. You sit and grind on balloons in order to pop. Sometimes a good jump and floor padding is required for the best sit to pop balloon popping experience. See Jasmin Jai’s sit 2 pop looner videos HERE!

Sit To Pop Looners Fetish
Sit 2 Pop

Blow 2 Pop

Blowing up a balloon to it maximum capacity until your own air makes it pop is a VERY exciting event! Watch this brave & talented looners model “Jasmin Jai” as she blows up tons of beautiful balloons until they pop in her face! This beautiful brunette fetish model loves to blow up balloons, but it scares & terrifies Jasmin Jai to pop large balloons. You can see the fear all over her pale skinned face the minute the balloon breaches its threshold of carbon dioxide released into the interior latex of the ballon!

This inflatable lover is a true champ  for the blow 2 pop fetish enthusiast! Order your custom blow 2 pop looner movie now! Email us your custom balloon or  script to us directly at info@JJCustomMoments.com

Looner girl gets ready to blow to pop on her balloons
Blow 2 Pop

Fingernail Popping

Pointy objects, thumbtacks and sharp objects can be scary for balloons and the onlookers watching suspensefully. Jasmin Jai loves having long and destructive fingernails. Her nails are the perfect length for digging into a balloon’s latex rubber exterior. The part that kills people’s nerves is the suspense of when the balloons will actually pop! The anticipation of a gigantic explosion from a big balloon will keep one at the edge of their seat. Especially, when a looner model is teasing a balloon to its limits. Scratching and making noises against the latex, driving you up the wall. If you are into this climatic and suspenseful looner event then you will love our online clipstore on Clips4Sale. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking, submit a custom request to us with your balloon script, scene scenario and how long you want your custom video. Email info@JJCustomMoments.com

Brunette fetish model surrounds herself with colorful balloons
Fingernail Popping

Looners Also Love Inflatables

If you love balloons, you might also favor inflatables and beach balls. Plastic pool floats and toys are all up for grabs if you’re a looner. Join us and subscribe to not miss out on new balloon fetish movies produced, holidays promotions and exclusive looner fetish giveaways!

Want to send me some big balloons to play with? You can now be a part of the action by helping supply my balloons and inflatables. I love receiving balloons to pop and blow up! As long as I have supplies, I can continue to make pre made clipstore videos. If you send me a big inflatable, I will take pictures with the blown up float. Sometimes, old inflatable beach ball and large balloons are kept for purchase that were used in clips.

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Sponsor A Inflatable Beach Ball Excursion

Looner girl hold a big green balloon outside on her porch

Pool toys, floats and beach balls are more fun on location at a cool secluded pool or beautiful sunny beach. Sponsor a vacation for Jasmin Jai and she will take all her plastic toys and balloons with her. Get all the behind the scenes footage of Jasmin while she enjoys the beautiful weather and scenery. Turn her condo into a beach ball and balloon fantasy sets. She will shoot on location and direct a personal custom video for you too. This sponsorship will also get first access to any footage produced for Jasmin’s fetish clipstores and or marketing promotions. That’s potentially 10-20 exclusive balloon and inflatable videos.

Fetish model, Jasmin Jai, kisses her favorite beach ball
Looner model sits in a bikini with a bunch of red, green and blue balloons




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