Fetish Videos: Girls With Hairy Arms

Love girls with hairy arms? Do you enjoy arm hair videos? Then you have come to the right place. Hairy limbs on a female seems to be more acceptable in society today. However, I have spent so much money on shaving, razors and electrolysis. Maintenance for body hair is expensive and I never had a lack of hair. Not only are my arm hairs dark and bushy but they grow thick and fast. I wish I knew more about all the men with a hairy arm fetish sooner in my life. In other words, make a profit off of my natural hairy assets.

It’s Just Arm Hair, Right?

Guys would always give me a hard time about my hairy arms. They ask, “Why don’t you shave your arms”. My response, because I don’t want to. And, I fear they would only get thicker. For this reason, I never would shave my arms. Comments pertaining to how thick and dark the hairs are on my arms continued over the years. In addition, total strangers would even point out just how thick they were. As if I had never noticed my arm hairs.

Similarly, my nail tech would constantly ask me if I would like to wax my arms. My answer was always the same, no. It became incredibly annoying because I never noticed my bushy arm hairs until everyone had an opinion on it. It’s just arm hair after all. I started to get insecure about my arm hairs. I know I wasn’t alone with how I felt about my hairy parts. Other females with hairy arms I know speak on the constant hassle of shaving or waxing. The embarrassment they feel because society says body hair on a female is gross. Unfortunately, a guy even told me would not date me because of my hairy arms. Little did I know men with a hairy arm fetish would soon be knocking down my door.

A slave licks and taste my arms
Bushy limbs pressed up against breasts
Hairy Arms Stretched Out to the camera
asmin Jai and her forearms and long red nails
Jasmin Jai threatening to shave

Today, my hairy arm videos can be found online everywhere. You can worship my long arm hairs straight from your desktop or mobile device. Don’t wait, Learn how you can sex chat about your hairy arm fetish and swap exclusive pics with me now. Become a hairy arm fan with my new Patreon! Get exclusive and behind the scenes content focused on just my hairy arms.   Become a Patron!

Videos Hairy Fetish For You

Now, my thick arm hairs make money. Men all over the world contact me daily. They wish to immerse themselves into my arms and want to feel my thick bushy hairs. When I started making fetish movies as a fetish model I was told to bank off of what I had naturally. Body hair and hair on my arms is nothing I was ever short of. Therefore, I shot videos focused on my fluffy and thick arm hairs. I posted them on my online stores not expecting much. Soon after, custom requests and order of these fetish videos featuring my hairy arms came in at full speed.

In conclusion, I find it erotic that my clients get off on my hairy limbs. Girls with hairy arms can now feel good about their body hair.  There is no shame in being hairy. I am no longer embarrassed to show off my beautiful and long hairy arms. Fans and guy’s with a body hair fixation notice my arm hairs right away. If you are want arms filled with dark, long hair, then you’re at the right place.

Custom Body Hair Videos

Do you have your own personal arm hair fetish fantasy? Let me fulfill your hairy desires. Purchase a custom video, photo set or skype session. Get up close and personal with me as my arms hypnotize you. Script and direct you very own fetish video or personal photo set of my naturally hairy arms. For those special fans, I will also offer my darkest, thickest arm hairs for purchase.

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