Amateur Porn Video Customization With Fetish Models

Jasmin Jai loves being the center of your ultimate fantasy. Why not have her be a part your one of a kind video? Buying a custom video lets you be the writer and director of your own fetishes, kinks, and desires. 

What's A 'Porn Fetish'??

Each and every day society opens up more to the idea of being able to share and talk about our sexuality.  Our thoughts, desires, and lusts are becoming less secretive and we are exploring them more freely.   


Jasmin Jai stands barefoot on her foot slaves while he licks her soles Good Foot Slaves Worship Ever Inch of Jasmin Jai’s Feet[/caption]

Add Other Fetish Models 

See below for the list of other fetish models that I work with for you to choose from if your fantasy warrants an additional model. If you’re local and ever so lucky book any of us for your next Georgia local party or event. Book a private stripper for an in home VIP experience instead of going to a strip club in downtown Atlanta.

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