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Exhibitionists have no problem flaunting their goodies. Performers love to strut and are not shy about being watched. In fact, anyone can make money working in the sex industry. Even so, you’ll find being an extrovert will give you a leg up on other sex workers. Sext or shoot your own xxx live porn, sex work is everywhere. For example, put those unused nude pics to good use. Sexting all day with perverts turns profits. Who knew modeling opportunities are really at my fingertips. Literally, film every sex encounter, cast a live sex show from your phone and perform in front of an audience.

As a result, exhibitionists make good money. I’ve made money working in the sex industry several different ways. Every adult job always out paid even my corporate job. I’ve performed live sex, entertained live adult shows stripping, spent nights erotic texting and posing nude as a full time model. Provided that you’re not shy to profit off of live porn, you belong in the world of exhibitionists.

Be My Favorite Pervert

Without a doubt, over the years I have managed to produce a vault worth of photos, live porn and video content. I love flaunting my work, as most exhibitionists do, all over the internet on various platforms. Check out all my xxx live content on my multiple clipstores. Additionally, fellow perverts can sext with me directly or watch me be one of the best exhibitionists you’ll encounter.

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Become A Model

Unlike some career fields, model opportunities are everywhere and is one of the best adult work jobs to get into. I have dabbled in generic modeling but I wouldn’t classify it as adult work. Unfortunately, there’s not much money involved in catalog/lifestyle model jobs. So, which are you? An extrovert entertainer or an at home xxx live sex worker? Become a model and find those dream adult gigs, just another fun option for us exhibitionists!

Model Mayhem: First and foremost, build a modeling portfolio with professional photos. Get a broad range of different shots, styles and genres. My portfolio showcases everything from fetish, lifestyle, erotic, nude art to glamour. I try to show a bit of all styles. Ideally, both outdoor and studio photos are important to have when looking for modeling opportunities. Once experienced, you can charge photographers to shoot you.

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OnlyFans: Following, put those posing skills to work. Selfies and professional material are both welcomed. Exhibitionists can make money selling custom photo sets or sell to the masses. First, build your social media networks. Here you can place free content and photos. Generate a fan base wanting more. In addition, postings of videos and photos don’t have to be professional. Clearly, it’s a private naughty Facebook and you can charge whatever. People have to pay to view your xxx live content. Similarly, charge a monthly membership fee for real fans who want to see more private material. Get your OnlyFans profile started.  Lastly, combine live adult video or a clipstore with a fan’s site and watch your sales skyrocket!

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Sex work as an entertainer & exhibitionists
Performers can make money in sex work

Sext For A Paycheck

If you are shy and reserved, erotic texting is great place to start in adult work. Unfilmed naughty texting can keep you off camera. Furthermore, giving you time and a safe space to develop as a sex worker. As a result of its popularity, you must be accepted to work with SextPanther. When applying, you must have a good social media presence. Applications with low social network following will be denied. SextPanther allows you to take photos, send xxx live videos and dirty text to multiple men from your cell phone. Become a model by sexy texting with clients and fans 24/7.

Nonetheless, there are tons of platforms to choose from. No prior sex work experience is necessary. Dirty talking or sex texting gives you the comfort of not being “seen” while still working in the sex industry. In fact, you can do this job wherever, whenever. Easily strut as a digital girlfriend. Sign up, Start sexting and become a model!

Become A Model Via Sexting 

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I Love Being Watched and sexting

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XXX Live Exhibitionists

Due to accessibility, live adult video and/or live sex shows is a great place to begin as a sex worker for male performers and exhibitionists. Performing live porn for an audience is where you can build your clientele. Consequently, shooting your own porn or camming xxx live is how to get your foot in the sex industry door. Show-off and get turned on by being watched. You can solo stroke your junk or find a partner to perform live sex shows.

Additionally, you can cam with several different companies, completely work from home and set your own hours. Chaturbate has so many different xxx live options for adult work. You can choose to be a solo entertainer or perform as a couple. In the end, sex workers have to start somewhere and this is the best option if you’re a guy. Constantly performing live porn takes a ton of dedication. Don’t let being a live exhibitionist overwhelm you. Generally, more opportunities for adult gigs will arrive once you build your fan base. Literally, all you need is a computer and a webcam to become a model and shoot live porn.

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Working In The Sex Industry

Luckily, with hard work and dedication, I still work as a full time model.  Start slow and get involved in all different kinds of adult work. Before anything, decide what are your limits and boundaries? Research adult industry job standards and decide your rates. Work within your limits. Take adult jobs in your comfortable zone. Always check for references and referrals before accepting any adult work.

After graduating college, I had a corporate job in advertising/sales. Years went by and I realized work wasn’t fulfilling. I wanted to work for myself. As a result, I lost my job and decided I would not return to corporate world. Before doing xxx live adult work full time I made money giving nude rub downs. Performing live sex shows, stripping and more adult work followed. I became comfortable as an overall exhibitionist. Entertaining is what I live for. As a result, the rest was flasher history. I couldn’t imagine life not being fully involved with adult work.

For more behind the scenes action working as a full time model, entertainer and sex worker, and more about how to become a model, check out my blog at

Full time Model and Entertainer, Jasmin Jai

Are You More Of An In-Person Entertainer?

Without a doubt, I flourish in adult work the most as an in-person entertainer. I own a stripper booking agency in Atlanta called MC Entertainment & Services. The company books live adult shows for bachelor and bachelorette type parties. I strut my stuff, dance fully nude, play games and perform tricks. This type of exhibitionist must be able to command an audience. Unlike online live porn and sexting, you can 100% interact with me in person during a private party. Clearly, if you’re not shy and love to show-off, become a model doing xxx live stripping, it might be for you.

Above all, I believe what keeps clients coming back is my ability to be personable. Listen to your customers and take suggestions from your fan base. Create memorable fantasies leaving your clients begging for more. In the end, making a client feel special can be the difference on blowing or not blowing his/her full paycheck on you.

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