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First and foremost, Jasmin Jai is an American adult film actress & adult entertainer. She is known primarily for her work in the fetish genre & adult entertainment.


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Early Life

Jasmin was raised in Atlanta Georgia, USA, along with a sister & a brother. She’s been outspoken & open about having had an alcohol problem in her 20’s but now has 5 years sober and no longer battles with those issues. For this reason her background in acting in fetish & porn is superior as you know how when one is in the midst of alcoholism he or she puts on that mask and becomes what everyone around her expects and wants from her. With the sexy & seductive newfound love for her new control of men through mind and sexual manipulation we see her going places in the adult entertainment and fetish industry. She has truly escaped her past by embracing it. She believes her fascination with domination comes from these experiences. “This evoked in me an urge to understand punishment & manipulation as an entire whole – where it stems from and how it can be used in different forms.” This led to a fascination with the fetish & BDSM lifestyle, and her eventual work as a Domme in professional dungeons.

Porn Life

Jasmin Jai first got into porn shortly after she began dancing, entertaining & stripping at bachelor parties, birthday parties & guys night out parties and events in Atlanta Georgia for a well known stripper delivery service called, “MC Entertainment & Services“. Around the same time, Jasmin started doing photo shoots, in person live fetish & domination sessions. Slaves help to build her in home dungeon, perfect for loser subs. Jasmin Jai primarily works in the fetish porn industry now and is very selective when doing “in-person” sessions. Another option is to book her as an entertainer for your next party at www.mcentertainment.org . Have her come out to paddle your ass and or let her dance on all over you. One lapdance will instantly leave you hard and only wanting more. Now that you know a little bit about Jasmin Jai, where can you find all her media content you ask? You can check out all her fetish porn video stores below: Stripper Jasmin Jai in front of black wall with sparkle boots Jasmin Jai sitting on the floor against gold wall

Engage With JJ

Jasmin loves to engage with her loyal fans. Her loyal clients always get the V.I.P. treatment. Anyone will tell you, she’s addictive. You take care of her and she will do the same in return.

The body is both a pleasure palace & a torture chamber.” – Charles Levin

With so many different channels of social media, it is sometimes hard to get her attention. Clearly, but expect your DM not to go unanswered boys.

You can reach her by cell phone. If you’re smart you’ll make sure you take down her number here. Have some fun while you’re at the office, at home while your wife is asleep or while waiting & killing time on your smartphone anywhere in the world you might be. Jasmin loves nothing more than dirty talk and to listen to you submit your whole being and will over to her. She may even send you a nudie or a exclusive naughty video only for you.

She also offers only to the lucky select few Skype sessions and if you’re really serious she loves to meet her biggest fan for an in-person session. Be ready to hand over your wallet. Serious inquiries can email her at TheJasminJai@Gmail.com, but don’t waste her time if you don’t want to be blacklisted.


In front or behind the camera, Jasmin is a star. The camera obviously loves her. Her modeling portfolio is filled with everything from light bondage to artistic nude.

Jasmin Jai Rising out of the pool with wet hair

The camera obviously loves her. As a matter of fact, most of her fetish fans are face fetishists. Have you checked out her facial features. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Jasmin Jai wearing a bunny mask laying on the floor, her body covered in coffee groundsBlack and White artistic topless photo sitting on the hardwood floor wearing a long lace skirt

The Tube

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Jasmin plans to have her own stream channel here soon on Youtube as well as many other popular live streaming platforms online. Make sure to check back in for all the updates.

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